28 June 2009

Why healthcare will become more socialized

The previous post was enlightening in many ways, very well written. As I read it, it occurred to me that there is one reason the proposed plan will never happen.

Allowing the free market to operate more with healthcare may improve healthcare, but it would eliminate tons of jobs.

It will never be popular to propose a plan that eliminates jobs, even if it is for the greater good, we are too short-minded and impatient.


  1. It will certainly eliminate many excess jobs in the health insurance industry, as less money will be diverted to pay insurance companies. Did you have any other jobs in mind?

  2. By the way, you make a good point that had not occurred to me. I think that the job losses are something that would have to be dealt with if this type of plan ever got into congress. Certainly that would be a good battle cry for the opposition. It would probably require a widespread level of understanding that our country will never achieve with our widespread homogenized public education. Perhaps we'd do better to focus on getting rid of the Federal Board of Education--or maybe that's better left for another day.

  3. If you look at any of the programs Ron Paul would like to get rid of, all would require tons of people to lose their jobs. What would all the gas station attendants in Oregon do if they let you pump your own gas? Once the government gives jobs, it is hard to take them away.