04 October 2011

What if the Government Breaks the Law?

When people break the law, it is the government's responsibility (specifically the courts) to administer the law. The legislative branch makes the law, the judicial branch administers the law. When the government breaks the law, then what should be done? Those responsible should be tried and punished. Provision is provided in the Constitution. The Constitution is the law the government should follow. When it is ignored, what safety do we have from crimes of the government against the people?

15 April 2011

Sir James Goldsmith on Trade

This is a really insightful perspective on global free markets and trade treaties. It dates from 1994 but provides a lot of food for thought. Particularly, Sir James Goldsmith repeatedly made the point that setting up factories overseas to then import the goods back to the U.S. takes jobs from Americans, although this is thoroughly discussed and disputed.

He also discusses the role and purpose of an economy in society. The economy is to serve the people. When unemployment rises, so does crime and other negative societal effects.

This has several segments, so after you watch this first one, you'll have to go to 1st Segment 2nd Segment 3rd Segment 4th Segment 5th Segment 6th Segment