17 June 2009

Health Care Reform

As House Democrats have begun to work with President Obama to bring the American people a Health Care Reform plan--a government option--socialized health care--freedom conscious citizens have expressed deep concern. If this forming plan becomes law, it will arguably represent the largest step toward socialism in United States history.

In a simple barter economy, two parties exchanges goods and/or services of equal value. In a (free) market, goods and services are brought to the market and exchanged for other goods and services of an equal value, although the trade is done indirectly by using "money" as an intermediate good. Health care is one of many goods and services available in our market. If health care is classified as a human right rather than as a service, then when health care is provided universally without regard for individual contributions to the market then the market is no longer free. When the distribution of goods and services is controlled centrally, rather than by the individual choices of the citizenry, the free market is lost being replaced with a communist-style centrally directed "market." The foundation of choice and accountability in a free market--such that you can get from the market something generally regarded as equal to what you bring to it-- is essential to the foundation for a prosperous economy and for human productivity.

Communist countries like The People's Republic of China and Vietnam have recognized the benefits of a free market and have "reduced state control of the economy in order to stimulate growth" (wikipedia). In our frenzied economic and manipulating political climate, President Obama and other politicians have increased political control over the economy, delaying a natural economic recovery from ails produced by previous government interventions in the economy (such as policies to increase home ownership beyond natural market levels, resulting in the excess demand and finally the housing price fallout of 2006-2009) as well as perhaps many other causes.

Finally, in order to preserve (and in some cases reclaim) our constitutional freedoms and to promote national prosperity, it is our opportunity to become aware of congressional proceedings and to become involved in learning for ourselves and then educating the public mind, awakening in every American a love for freedom, choice and accountability.

As we come to accept and act upon these values, we will strengthen home, family, state and country, preserving for future generations the freedoms and liberties won by our forefathers.

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